January’s FEATURED AUTHOR: Alan’s books!

Today’s Featured Author post is all about Alan Orloff’s books! Get ready for all the pretty covers…

diamonds for the deadAlan’s debut novel was Diamonds for the Dead, a 2010 Agatha Award finalist for Best First Novel.

When Josh Handleman returns to his boyhood home to sit shiva for his estranged father, he gets the shock of his life: his frugal dad was a diamond collector worth millions. Now the gems are missing and Josh begins to suspect his father’s death might have been murder, not an accident.

Hounded by grief and remorse, Josh resolves to find his dad’s diamond stash. His emotion-laden treasure hunt throws him into the middle of a feud between two stubborn old Russian Jews—and puts Josh squarely in the sights of his father’s killer.

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killer routineHe followed it with the first Last Laff book, Killer Routine

Comedian Channing Hayes survived a tragic auto accident that claimed the life of his fiancée, Lauren. Physically and emotionally scarred, he’s put his performing career on hold, resigned to getting laughs vicariously as co-owner of The Last Laff Comedy Club. There, he instructs Lauren’s sister Heather in the fine art of stand-up.

When Heather skips out on her set during the club’s comedy showcase, Channing searches for his AWOL protégée. Then Heather’s ex-lovers start turning up dead—and Channing must fight to keep Heather from being the next hit in this deadly line-up.

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deadly campaignThe second Last Laff book just (as in JUST) came out – Deadly Campaign:

Comedy club owner and occasional performer Channing Hayes thought the comedy business was tough, but it’s a stroll in the park compared to politics. When he and his business partner Artie attend a congressional campaign event for their friend Thomas Lee’s nephew, masked thugs storm in and break up Lee’s restaurant with baseball bats. The candidate’s people insist that the police not be involved, so Lee asks Channing to investigate. As Channing searches for answers, he finds himself immersed in a corrupt world of payoffs, gangs, illicit affairs, blackmail—and murder . . .

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the tasteAnd if that weren’t enough to keep track of, Alan has also published two ebooks as Zak Allen. The Taste sounds creepy!

After his mother dies, Jake Wheeler returns to his birthplace of Dark Springs, West Virginia, seeking solace among his kin. But his family’s unique comfort food includes some ingredients Jake’s not sure he can stomach.

They eat dead people.

Discovering that skeleton in the pantry and adjusting to a new diet turn out to be the least of Jake’s worries. Storm clouds have gathered over Dark Springs, threatening the family’s peaceful existence. Ax-wielding clan patriarch Dallas Pike and his band of renegade followers have decided upon a violent plan to increase the dwindling food supply. Why wait for your next meal to die naturally if you can hunt it down instead?

With the survival of the entire clan at stake, Jake wages war against madman Pike.

He also battles an even more terrifying opponent.


After all, Jake has THE TASTE.

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first time killerAnd the just-released First Time Killer:

In shock radio, nothing is too far over-the-top in the pursuit of ratings.

Not even murder.

During his twenty-six-year career, D.C. radio talk show host Rick Jennings steered clear of outrageous radio. Wasn’t his thing. So when WTLK execs tap him for the Afternoon Circus to land a lucrative satellite deal, Rick struggles to maintain his standards—and his dignity. A chilling call (“I’m a long-time listener, first time KILLER.”) leads to the discovery of an intern’s arm in a trashcan. Rick spars with the “First Time” killer over the airwaves. The police are stymied. Ratings skyrocket. And First Time continues to knock off members of the Circus, phoning in to gloat afterward.

In a world of psychics and poseurs, crazy deejays and crazier callers, it’s up to Rick to bring First Time down before more people perish.

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Don’t these look fab? Want ’em? Of course you do. Head on over to the month-long giveaway to win a copy!


  1. They’ll let anyone in this place!

    Srsly, I’ve read two of Alan’s books and am presently reading a third. He writes them too fast for me to keep up. Good choice for featured author, Drey.

    1. lol Steve! YOU introduced us, remember? 😉

      I’ve added Alan to my list to pick up. I soooooo need more time in a day. Anyone want to pay me gobs of cash so I can just read all day? 😀

  2. I agree drey, the cover art is really enticing. I would certainly pick one up in a store. In fact, I probably will grab one with my holiday gift card. (Maybe Killer Routine, always like to read the first one first!) I’ve enjoyed you choice of authors to kick off 2012 and Alan’s comments as well!

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