Review: 60. About Last Night by Ruthie Knox…

Ruthie Knox’s second contemporary romance is coming out June 11th, and you ought to do yourself the favor of pre-ordering it… 🙂

about last nightdrey’s thoughts:

Ruthie Knox’s second contemporary romance is sexy and heartwarming. Cath (Mary Catherine) Talarico has had a hard life and made plenty of mistakes along the way. In atonement, she’s turned her life around and is trying to be a different – and better – person. She is smart and funny, sweet and sassy, and totally adorable…

We meet “City” when Cath has a “relapse” and has trouble making her way home. The sparks between them zing hot and fast from the get-go – their chemistry is that undeniable. Not that that’s unexpected, as Ruthie’s characters fly off the pages and make their presence known – the dialogue does the rest.

But just when you think this Cinderella story is on its way to its happy-ever-after, his family crawls out of the woodwork and throw a boxload of wrenches in their path. Will Prince Charming wake up and smell the roses? Will Cath forgive herself for her past mistakes?

About Last Night is fabulous! I couldn’t put it down, I laughed out loud at Cath’s attitude, and cried at the ending. So totally romantic!

ps: Only Ruthie could make museum curating + knitting sexy… 😉

drey’s rating: Excellent!

Title: About Last Night
Author: Ruthie Knox
ISBN-13: 9780345535160
e-ARC: 523 pages
Publisher: Random House, 2012
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Source: Random House Publishing Group

Come back in June for a lovely guest post from Ruthie Knox! To tide you over till then, check out the excerpt!

ABOUT LAST NIGHT by Ruthie Knox, Excerpt


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