Review: 153. Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone…

I did say I was anxious to read Three Parts Dead, right? Well, I practically inhaled it. Stayed up late and all that, to finish reading…

three parts deaddrey’s thoughts:

Wow. What a thrill ride Three Parts Dead is! We have one dead God. One faith-scarred novice priest. One student of the Hidden Schools who’s “graduated” and then thrown out. I’m amazed she survived. Actually I’m amazed at this world that Gladstone built, and the characters he’s thrown into this world.

When Tara Abernathy left her small sleepy village to learn to craft, she never expected that she’d end up in Alt Coulumb, investigating the circumstances surrounding a God’s death, and getting mired in a mix of politics, legalities, and shameless power-grabbing. But she does. And as she digs deeper into Kos’ death, she finds that the eyes of Justice can be deceived, the faithful can be blind, and she’s not quite strong enough to get all of the truth out by herself. Which is why she has help – in the form of one very bossy employer (ok, so she’s still on probation) and one chain-smoking novice of Kos’.

I loved the world-building – it’s exceptionally detailed, from its religions and magic to its inhabitants and the mundane. I loved the story – the plot spins into multiple threads, which all connect at some point to add to the big picture. And I loved the characters. Especially Tara.

Tara’s a strong woman. She’s smart, too. And she definitely draws a line between right and wrong, and isn’t afraid to point out wrongs – never mind the consequences. Then again, that line could be a bit wiggly, depending on circumstances. But that’s beside the point. Tara’s a fabulously three-dimensional heroine. She’s good at what she does, but she’s not perfect and she knows that, too.

Max Gladstone  has given us a pretty darn fabulous fantasy novel here, and I can’t wait to see what he has lined up next for us. I want more, and I definitely want it now!

drey’s rating: Outstanding!

Title: Three Parts Dead
Author: Max Gladstone
ISBN-13: 9780765333100
Hardcover: 333 pages
Publisher: Tor, 2012
Purchase at IndieBound, Amazon, The Book Depository
Source: Tor

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  1. I’ve been hearing excellent things about this book everywhere, and now my mind is made up – I MUST have this, and inhale it! great review! 🙂

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