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I’ll confess — I can’t turn down Carolyn Brown’s cowboys. They’re as addictive as Janet Evanovich’s Ranger, and there’s so bloody MANY of ’em! 😛 So Mistletoe Cowboy went into the TBR pile as soon as it was offered…

mistletoe cowboydrey’s thoughts:

Sage Presley can’t believe her grandmother is selling the Rockin’ C Ranch — to a stranger! And at Christmas! What is she thinking? So she hurries to the ranch, only to get stuck there in a snowstorm, sans Grand. But she’s not alone. Oh no.

Creed Riley is thankful for the chance at his very own ranch, even if it comes with a three-week “test phase” clause, and a whole pile of snow. What he’s not quite so thankful for is the unexpected guest who arrived in the dead of night, or the mutt who follows him into the house after chores. The one’s opinionated and hostile, the other’s butt ugly.

Sparks fly, of course, accompanied by Carolyn Brown’s trademark sassy remarks and witty comebacks. And love blossoms as the snowbound become a couple (hey, it’s a romance novel after all!)…

I could’ve done without the repeated I-know-how-to-be-stuck-in-a-snowstorm details. Talking about generators et al so many times gets distracting, makes Sage come across as a know-it-all show-off, and nobody likes those much. Another annoyance? The chores. I know there are chores to be done (it’s a ranch!), but did we have to mention them quite so often?

All in all though, Mistletoe Cowboy is fun and entertaining — if you like romances, cowboys, and sass.

drey’s rating: Pick it up!

Title: Mistletoe Cowboy (Spikes & Spurs #5)
Author: Carolyn Brown
ISBN-13: 9781402270154
ARC: 333 pages
Publisher: Sourcebooks, 2012
Purchase at IndieBound, Amazon, The Book Depository
Source: Hachette Book Group

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