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I’m starting off a brand new year with a brand new (to me) author!

vicious circledrey’s thoughts:

I can’t believe Linda Robertson’s Persephone Alcmedi series has been around since 2009 and I’ve just now heard of it. Where the heck have I been hiding?

I’ll start off with some things I didn’t like — they’re pretty minor (mostly), but still annoying enough that it interrupts the good “flow” of my reading. The first is the heroine’s name. It’s not bad enough she’s Persephone Isis, but her last name is a mouthful of consonants. Good thing for Johnny’s nickname — she’s Red to me, now. :)

The other thing that bugged me was how whiny Seph was. I mean, I know what she agreed to do isn’t what she really wants to do, or even should do, and she finds out the well is deeper than she thought when she jumped in it, but hey welcome to the real (ha ha!) world. At least Seph has super wicked powers, y’know? The rest of us mere mortals just have to slog through on our own…

Ok, enough with the complaining already (heh). Vicious Circle starts off with death, follows it up with vengeance (call it justice if you’d like), heaps mounds of weres into the mix, throws in super-scary vampires, and wraps it all up (kinda) nicely at the end. Phew. That is one pot I’m not going to step into!

The best thing about Vicious Circle? The story itself — it’s full of feeling and doing. So yes, Seph may have been whiny, but it’s whine-while-I-go-kick-ass which I can definitely understand. Overall, I enjoyed Vicious Circle. I’ll be seeing where Seph goes from here, in book 2 — Hallowed Circle.

drey’s rating: Pick it up!

Title: Vicious Circle (Persephone Alcmedi Series #1)
Author: Linda Robertson
ISBN-13: 9781439154281
Paperback: 375 pages
Publisher: Pocket Books, 2009
Purchase at IndieBound, Amazon, The Book Depository
Source: Simon & Schuster

Have you read Vicious Circle? What did you think?

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