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Today’s title, Love and Other Subjects, is currently available as an eBook. It will be available in print form this coming summer.

love and other subjectsdrey’s thoughts:

Carolyn Jenkins is a newly-minted teacher who’s somehow ticked off the Principal of her inner-city school, so he now uses her as his whipping post. As if that isn’t bad enough, she manages to survive a gun in her classroom, then breaks it off with her boyfriend and meets a handsome stranger – all in the same day, and not necessarily in that order…

It doesn’t take Carolyn long to figure out what she’s willing to do to help her students succeed, but she’s darned if she knows what to do about the stranger. Especially when she loses his number. Then life throws him in her path again, and she learns that he comes with a brood of crazy sisters. Is she willing to put up with them, for him?

Carolyn does a lot of growing up in Love and Other Subjects, and not all of the lessons she learns are of the easy variety. Her roommates — and friends — are also teachers at the same school, but neither Laura nor Nina have been on the receiving end of the Principal’s high-handed ass-holery, so they can’t really empathize with Carolyn. Nor do they quite get why she’s so interested on the “old” guy. (Yes, the handsome stranger is a bit older than Carolyn, and we all know how relative “old” is to the young…)

Figuring out how to take on the world (or, making your mark on the world) once you’ve left the relative cocoon of college is never an easy thing, as Carolyn finds out, but I loved following along on her adventures. You’re full of hope and optimism, and not quite sure how to handle the events that come hurtling your way, especially when they’re not as hunky-dory as you are… And while Kathleen Shoop makes it all seem so easily conquered, I do know that it always seems easier than it actually is. As Carolyn finds her feet and sets her path, you can’t help but cheer her on and wish her all the best.

I really enjoyed reading Love and Other Subjects, and “watching” it play out in my head. This is one of those stories I wouldn’t mind seeing transferred to the big screen. 🙂

drey’s rating: Excellent!

Title: Love and Other Subjects
Author: Kathleen Shoop
ISBN-10: 0615724965
Paperback: 254 pages
Publisher: Oakglen Press, 2012
Purchase at Amazon
Source: SparkPoint Studio

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