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I’m lucky enough to be on another TLC Book Tour today, and I’m four-for-four at meeting new authors! Today’s title is Laury Falter’s Fallen.

laury falterAbout Laury Falter:
Laury Falter’s debut novel, Fallen, hit Amazon’s Top 100 list in three genres and the remaining two books in the trilogy made showings in the Top 100 of the same genres as well. With a new series available, Residue, about a teenage girl who learns she is a witch and falls in love with a boy from a feuding family, and with a rapidly growing reader following, her books continue to rank high on seller charts.

Connect with Laury at her website, on Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads.

About Fallen:

Maggie is unaware of the terrifying fate that awaits her. It isn’t until she lands in New Orleans for a full year at a private high school and her unknown enemies find her does she realize that her life is in danger.

As a mystifying stranger repeatedly intervenes and blocks the attempts on her life, she begins to learn that there is more to him than his need to protect her and that he may be the key to understanding why her enemies have just now arrived.

fallenISBN-10: 0615294987
Paperback: 262 pages
Publisher: Self-published, 2011
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Source: TLC Book Tours

drey’s thoughts:

Laury Falter’s Fallen has an interesting, if not wholly original, premise and I enjoyed meeting Maggie, who can speak to the dead. She’s just moved to New Orleans, living with her aunt’s three friends, and starting over (again) at a new school. What she doesn’t expect is one obnoxiously self-important principal, a sassy (& cute!) boy constantly turning up where she’s at, and one very cranky one who stares and glares at her. Bummer, then, that it’s the latter who shows up in her school and classes instead of the former.

Then Maggie notices that cranky isn’t the only person who seems to hate her. And she has no idea why, or what’s going on. As a matter of fact, she seemed to be pretty clueless about her life being in danger, as she constantly ignores what her instincts are telling her. And Eram — the cute guy — does know, but why doesn’t he just explain already, instead of just bopping in and out, ticking her off in the process?

The story definitely has possibilities, but I thought the writing was a bit stilted. Don’t get me wrong, the story flow is there — it just felt like it was constantly bumping into corners as it went around them, instead of giving it a little more space so it could just go. The villains were very one-dimensional, except for Gershom who plays the bad-guy-who-doesn’t-want-to-be-bad role. All of the others are cut from the same sneer-and-glare cloth, the only exception being the big bad who also gloats. And Maggie’s roommates could’ve used a bit more fleshing-out. They seem to be there as background props, much like Maggie’s classmates. Why are they there? Why does Maggie’s aunt trust them enough to have Maggie live with them?

Fallen is a promising story that needs more polishing and depth to make it a really good one. Don’t just take my word though – I’m giving away a copy so you can check it out for yourself.

drey’s rating: Ok

Have you read Fallen? What did you think? And if you haven’t, read on to win your own copy!

Thanks to the publisher and TLC Book Tours, I have one copy of Fallen for you. This one’s open to US & Canada residents. To enter, fill out the form below before March 7th. Good luck!

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