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Today’s tour is for Randy Susan Meyers’ The Comfort of Lies. Another TLC Book Tour, another new-to-me author. 🙂

randy susan meyersAbout Randy Susan Meyers:
The drama of Randy Susan Meyers’ novels is informed by her work with violent offenders and children and families impacted by emotional and family violence (as well as her years spent bartending.) Raised in Brooklyn New York, Randy now lives in Boston with her husband, where she teaches writing seminars for Grub Street Writer’s Center, and is the mother of two grown daughters.

Her debut novel, The Murderer’s Daughters was named a “Must Read Book,” and one of the “2011 Ten Best Works of Fiction” by the Massachusetts Book Awards and named a best book pick by Elle France, Daily Candy, Goodreads, The Boston Herald, The Winnipeg Free Press, and Book Reporter, among others. Chosen by Target as the February-March 2011 “Book Club Pick,” it was also a top title for the Book of the Month Club, Literary Guild and Doubleday Book Club. The Murderer’s Daughters has been published in sixteen foreign editions.

Meyers’ new novel, The Comfort of Lies, releasing from Atria/Simon & Shuster February 2013, explores the collateral damage of infidelity, the difficulty of balancing motherhood, marriage, and work, and the dark, private struggles many experience,but rarely reveal.

Find out more about Meyers at her website, connect with her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter and The Huffington Post, and see what she’s pinning on Pinterest.

About The Comfort of Lies:

Three Mothers. Two Fathers. One Child.

Five years ago, Tia fell into obsessive love with a man she could never have. Married, and the father of two boys, Nathan was unavailable in every way. When she became pregnant, he disappeared, and she gave up her baby for adoption. Now, she’s trying to connect with her lost daughter and former lover.

Five years ago, Caroline, a dedicated pathologist, reluctantly adopted a baby to please her husband. She prayed her misgivings would disappear; instead, she’s questioning whether she’s cut out for the role of wife and mother.

Five years ago, Juliette considered her life ideal: she had a loving family, a solid marriage, and a thriving business. Then she discovered Nathan’s affair. He’d promised he’d never stray again and she trusted him. But that was before she knew about the baby.

Now, when Juliette intercepts a letter containing photos meant for Nathan, her world crumbles again. How could Nathan deny his daughter? And if he’s kept this a secret from her, what else is he hiding? Desperate for the truth, Juliette goes in search of the little girl. Her quest leads to Caroline and Tia and before long, the women are on a collision course with consequences that none of them could have predicted.

the comfort of liesISBN-10: 9781451673012
Paperback: 323 pages
Publisher: Atria Books, 2013
Purchase at IndieBound, Amazon, The Book Depository
Source: TLC Book Tours

drey’s thoughts:

I’ve read some very good things about Randy Susan Meyers’ The Comfort of Lies, and I have to say, they’re well-deserved praise indeed. This is an emotional story, and I felt equally bad for Tia, Juliette, and Charlotte, who’re all victims of circumstance. And while Tia did make her bed, and Charlotte went along with the adoption, neither could have realized the impact those decisions would have, years down the road.

Tia’s regrets, Charlotte’s angst, and Juliette’s fears — these are all emotions that are not strangers to us. They reflect our own worries, if not for the same exact reasons, and this is why The Comfort of Lies resonates.

But far more than just emotions, The Comfort of Lies tells of reactions, and opens up the realization that our reactions are a result of our experiences and our expectations, both of which are personal to each and every one of us. We’ve all pretended that things were fine. We’ve all gone along with others’ wants and needs. And we’ve all done it either because it was expected or we thought it was expected, and knew that whatever reason we gave — whether to others or to ourselves — sometimes, we really didn’t want to.

So. While each characters’ actions may not stand up to judgement, if there was a judgement, they all did so for very personal reasons. And while real life may not have treated these families as well as Randy Susan Meyers did, I am glad that The Comfort of Lies ended the way it did. All of us who’ve taken comfort in lies — no matter how big or small — should be able to hope that one day, lies are not required to be a part of our lives, and we are free to be ourselves, and be just that little bit happier for it. Because if we don’t confront our fears, how will we ever get to truly live?

drey’s rating: Excellent!

Have you read The Comfort of Lies? What did you think? And if you haven’t, read on to win your own copy!

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  1. I would like to read this book because of the drama and the lies by certain members of the family. It sounded kind of like my own family.

  2. The Comfort of Lies- everyone has been telling me that I need to read this book. Have heard from multiple other book bloggers that this is the book for me!

  3. I want to find out how it all comes out in the end! Sounds very dramatic and emotional.

  4. I would like to read this book because of all of the family ties, and to find out what happens to all of the characters. Sounds like a novel that would really interest me. Thanks for the chance.

  5. “one day, lies are not required to be a part of our lives, and we are free to be ourselves, and be just that little bit happier for it.”

    So true! I know so many people who hide/lie about who they truly are for fear of the way others would react. It would be wonderful if we could all be our authentic selves without fear.

    Thanks for being on the tour! I’m featuring your review on TLC’s Facebook page today.

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