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I enjoyed Jon Steele’s The Watchers when I read it last year, and couldn’t say “no” to the opportunity to find out what shows up in its follow-up, Angel City

angel citydrey’s thoughts:

The Watchers ended with a bang, leaving one of the three main characters dead. Now, our detective has no memory of what occurred, and our bell-ringer’s angel is hiding in a small town with her toddler. Neither know that they’re paying the price for events they managed to live through in The Watcher, and neither know that so much danger abounds – nor what’s being done to protect them.

Because someone is hunting those who bear the light, and someone is looking to eliminate any who may upset the balance in this war between light and dark… And so our hero and heroine are left to puzzle things out, like mice in a maze – where the wrong turn could end in death.

Angel City is an action-packed story of those who’ll stop at nothing to achieve their ends, and the selfless heroes who’ll stand in their way to protect mankind. It’s a story that could have been told in fewer words, but you’ll appreciate the tale anyway. The pace is non-stop, the revelations surprising, and the ending will knock your socks off and leave you wishing The Way of Sorrows is available now so you can find out what happened. Angel City is available today.

drey’s rating: Excellent!

Title: Angel City (Angelus #2)
Author: Jon Steele
ISBN-13: 9780399158759
Hardcover: 493 pages
Publisher: Blue Rider Press, 2013
Purchase at IndieBound, Amazon, The Book Depository
Source: Penguin

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  1. I have not read The Watchers as of yet. From what I have heard, it needs to be on my “must read” list. Angel City sounds like it could be read without reading the other one first. I like it that it sounds to be action packed.

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