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I can never wait for the next Jane Yellowrock novel once I’m done with one. Alas, writers never write fast enough for my satisfaction… But that just means that I get to re-read these fabulous books over and over! 😉

blood tradedrey’s thoughts:

Oh, Jane. After the mess that was Death’s Rival, she’s pretty down in the dumps. So much so that she starts to worry the Younger brothers – Eli, her scarily capable weapons procurer and expert, and Alex, his computer-whiz brother.

Then she gets a call from the Master of Natchez, who has a Naturaleza problem – which turns out to be way more than just a Naturaleza problem. Of course, nothing Jane gets involved in is ever as simple as it seems. This one should be: find and kill the rogue vamps. But Jane’s not happy with Leo. And Leo’s not happy with Hieronymus. So Jane’s thumbing her nose at Leo when she accepts the Master of Natchez’s assignment to get rid of the Naturaleza. And it turns out that somebody is trying to create a super-vamp using witches. But who? Jane must race against time to find out, before a childhood acquaintance dies…

If icky politics weren’t enough to sour a girl’s day, Ricky-Bo shows up to lend a hand with his PSYLED team. And then Bruiser does too, as free a man as a blood servant can be. Be still, my beating heart…

But it’s not all love and heartache, or witches and vampires and devoveo. We learn more about Jane’s childhood, and what makes her tick. Best of all, we watch Jane grow, which is the second reason I always recommend this series. The first? Because she is a fabulously kick-ass heroine who’s never afraid to do what she thinks is right, no matter the consequences.

Faith Hunter’s Jane Yellowrock series is a must-read for any urban fantasy fan. Start with Skinwalker!

drey’s rating: Excellent!

Title: Blood Trade (Jane Yellowrock #6)
Author: Faith Hunter
ISBN-13: 9780451465061
Publisher: Roc, 2013
Purchase at IndieBound, Amazon, The Book Depository
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  1. Hey drey,
    Thanks for reviewing this one. Nice to know that you enjoyed this book. I am glad that Jane still has some surprises for us too enjoy. Take care my good friend 🙂

      1. Hey drey,
        Hanging in there. I think there is couple of new Merit books have you read them yet? House Rules and sorry can’t think of the other one off hand. I think I will get a new e-reader soon Kobo Aura HD. I will let you how I like it.
        Best wishes my good friend:)

  2. Love, love, love this series. I have on read the first three, as I have to wait for the budget gods to allow me to proceed LOL, but have enjoyed every minute. Thanks for sharing – great to know it is keeping up with my expectations 🙂

  3. Hey drey, I decided I needed more Jane for the holidays, easy choice really. Second choice Jon Sprunk Shadow’s Lure. Think adult fairy with attitude that helps main character with his work. All in all both interesting and funny at the same time. I can’t wait to dig into blood trade Saturday night…Sunday Packer game….I am hearing Rogers will be back. Go Pack!!! Take care my good friend….Have a great weekend.

    1. Go Pack, indeed! 🙂 Will have to add Shadow’s Lure to my list, thanks for the extra weight! lol

      Now, go finish Blood Trade so you’re ready for Black Arts in a week or so – I’m giving away a copy in a contest starting the 2nd. 😉

      1. Hey drey….You may want to start with Shadow’s Son….That is book one of three. I am sure your e-reader can handle the load. Thanks for the echoing laugh off my walls. You really do crack me up my good friend…..Good night.

  4. Hey drey……Happy Superbowl Sunday…..Go Broncos!!!! I hope Peyton Manning has a great game. I am enjoying Blood Trade very much. I will download Black Arts soon. I sent you an e-mail about a week or so back hope you received it. I know you are crazy busy so no worries at all. I am just trying to stay in touch. Well I am off to do some reading before the big game. Take care my good friend. Enjoy your day!!!

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