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It’s another blog tour day, and we have Kris DeLake sharing her thoughts on the spies she loves – definitely in tune with her latest offering, A Spy to Die For!


Spies and I

by Kris deLake

I’m a sucker for spies. I love them. They have secrets and they can’t tell you anything, which makes them perfect romance fodder. For once, a hero can’t tell a heroine who he is because if he does, the entire op will get blown! It’s not because he’s afraid of her or anything. It’s because he can’t.

Oh, wait. In A Spy To Die For, both of my characters are spies. Well, that causes issues.

I’d love to say that I write about spies because of James Bond, but honestly, the man’s a terrible spy. He introduces himself all the time. “Bond, James Bond.” What’s with that? And he dresses to the nines. (All men should dress to the nines, in my opinion.) So on the sexy-meter, James Bond is waaaaay up there. Particularly Connery-Bond and Craig-Bond. I love me a bit of Brosnan-Bond, but I liked Brosnan better as Remington Steele. (He’s really got secrets. And anyone else notice how much he has in common with JD Robb’s Roarke?)

My favorite Bond movie isn’t one, but a bunch. All of the Connerys and all of the Craigs. Other than that, I would go and enjoy them, but then I’d forget them.

Other spy movies? I’m not as interested. Now, spy novels, I love those. The dark Le Carre, the thrillers from Iles to Slaughter, oh, I love those books. I even love spy short stories. I think it’s the secrets, I really do. I can read (and write) about secrets forever.

I think that’s why Jack Hunter tried to take over Assassins in Love, the first book in this series. Because Jack had secrets, and I wanted to hear about them. That’s how I knew I needed to give him his own novel.

Turned out he had fewer secrets than I expected. But Skylight Jones — not only does she have secrets, but so does everyone around her. And I like that.

(And full disclosure: what just came in the mail today? The Skyfall BluRay. It goes with the rest of my James Bond collection — which is complete. For the moment. Just sayin’…)


a spy to die fordrey’s thoughts:

I’m going to start with a nit-pick, because it was just so obvious – to me at least. Jack Hunter, our hero, is supposed to be six foot six. And Skylight Jones, our heroine, is brushing five feet. Anyone notice that the cover models don’t have a foot-and-a-half discrepancy in height? I wish the people who do the covers actually either knew this information, or paid attention to it. Alright, nit-pick over. Let’s move on to the good stuff.

I liked A Spy to Die For; the characters are fun and the setting (mostly spaceships and space ports) is interesting. Both our hero and heroine are orphans, both ended up working in the same field – albeit for rival organizations. They don’t know it at first, of course – they’re too busy flirting up a storm. But when Skye finds out there’s a hit out on Jack, she can’t let this fabulous one-night-stand just go and get himself killed.

The chemistry sizzles, and while the plot isn’t quite the seat-of-your-pants action thriller my favorite James Bond movies are, it’s enough to keep you turning the pages to find out what happens next. Add A Spy to Die For to your beach bag for a fun read to while away a few hours with!

drey’s rating: Pick it up!

Title: A Spy to Die For (Assassins Guild #2)
Author: Kris DeLake
ISBN-13: 9781402262852
ARC: 298 pages
Publisher: Sourcebooks, 2013
Purchase at IndieBound, Amazon, The Book Depository
Source: Sourcebooks

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  1. Sean Connery is the best Bond! I agree Brosnan was better at Remington Steele, and what was up with his singing in Mamma Mia?!!!

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