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It’s a busy blog tour week; today’s is for Megan Mulry’s If the Shoe Fits, a story about royalty, falling in love, and shoes! What more can you ask for? 🙂

megan mulryAbout Megan Mulry:
Megan Mulry writes sexy, stylish, romantic fiction. She graduated from Northwestern University and then worked in publishing, including positions at The New Yorker and Boston Magazine. After moving to London, Mulry worked in finance and attended London Business School. She has traveled extensively in Asia, India, Europe, and Africa and now lives with her husband and children in Florida.

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How to Spot a Shoe-a-holic

It may come as a surprise, but I am not a shoe-a-holic. That said, I definitely know how to spot one! I think there is an emotional component to any obsession. I am a book-a-holic, so it was pretty easy to transfer the emotional attachment I feel for my books, to my character’s love of shoes. Sarah James, the heroine in If the Shoe Fits, loves everything about shoes: how they’re made, how they look, how she feels when she wears them. Me + Books = Same. I love bookbinding. I love looking at pictures of libraries and bookshelves. I love how I feel when I read.

For example, when my husband asks why I keep a bunch of old Harlequin romances instead of donating them to the library or giving them to some other deserving cause, I look at him like he wants to put our children up for sale on Craigslist. WHAT? Those books are the physical representation…the joy…the *gasp* everything! Anyway, you get the picture, that’s the psychological picture. It’s the same with the shoe-a-holic. Here are the physical signs:

Anatomy – It helps to start with good bones, raw material, Michelangelo’s slab of marble. My sister has perfect feet (size 8 narrow). I’ve never forgiven the genetic Satan who blessed her with those while I got my ocean-going size 12, but I’ll leave that bit of sibling envy for another time. In any case, my sister knows just the shoes that will make her feet look lovely. She saved and saved for a pair of classic Gucci loafers. She looks fabulous when she wears them. Great feet are the building blocks of the shoe-a-holic.

Attitude – I took lots of pictures at a romance writers’ convention last summer to document this part of shoe-a-holism. Great shoes make for great attitude. It’s probably a chicken-and-egg thing, women with great attitude have the wherewithal to sport the most fashionable, ambitious shoes. Even with my gunboats, I occasionally wear the four-inch stilettos and I always know I’m going to have a good time when I wear them. Chicken? Egg? Attitude!

Accumulation – The true test. Care and feeding. Organization. As I am with my books or John Cusack was with his records in High Fidelity, how we curate a collection of objects is the ultimate reflection of how important it is to us. Alphabetized. Seasonally organized. Special boxes. Labels. Photographs on the outside of each box. I have seen it all. I am not judging! I sit in a room with over 2,000 books. I love them. They love me. So it is for the shoe-a-holic.

Thanks so much for having me! I would love to hear what your readers obsess over, whether it’s shoes, books, or knitting yarn. What physical thing do you absolutely have to have in your life?


Love the three signs, Megan! I’ll admit to being a mini shoe-a-holic – I only have about two dozen pairs of footwear, including my nice and warm winter boots and my summer flip-flops. 🙂 While I do ogle and drool over all the fabulousness to be found, I’m fussy when it comes to what gets to go home with me. 😉 And now I get to go shopping for my new job – I’ll need closed-toe, no more than 1″ heel. I’m thinking a good pair of riding or cowboy boots, a pair of mary janes (my downfall), and a pair of ankle boots. What do you think?

if the shoe fitsdrey’s thoughts:

I thoroughly enjoyed Megan Mulry’s If the Shoe Fits! It has the perfect blend of charming story, witty repartee, and absolutely adorable characters with personality and sass. Do I need to tell you more?

Devon Heyworth is rich, handsome, and smarter than you’d give him credit for – it’s all a part he plays up for the nosy busybodies, preferring to keep some part of himself private. It’s not like he’s ever had to do more than be rich and handsome, anyway – people fall over themselves to please him without ever knowing he has a brain.

So when he meets the fabulous Sarah James, Devon’s surprised that she’s quite unimpressed. Then again, Sarah has her own slew of stuff to focus on, and hanging out with a self-absorbed royal isn’t something she has time for. Go, Sarah, go! 🙂

These two are all sass and sizzle, and Mulry’s writing style wraps it all up in Britishisms and cheeky warm fuzzies. I loved how romantic the story was, even when Devon and Sarah go through the requisite break-up.

If you’re looking for a beach read to inhale before the summer disappears, If the Shoe Fits should fit that bill perfectly. Go get it!

drey’s rating: Excellent!

Title: If the Shoe Fits
Author: Megan Mulry
ISBN-13: 9781402270000
ARC: 313 pages
Publisher: Sourcebooks, 2013
Purchase at IndieBound, Amazon, The Book Depository
Source: Sourcebooks

Have you read If the Shoe Fits? What did you think? And if you haven’t, read on to win your own copy!

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  1. I feel that same way about books. I enjoy having books in every room in the house. Shoes are difficult for me to find since I have a very small foot so just the opposite of your feet. 5 1/2.

  2. Books and things that meant something to me that belonged to my daughter. My daughter’s things bring back memories of good times that we had together.

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