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Grace Burrowes’ Lonely Lords series continues with another Haddonfield sibling, Beckman.

beckmandrey’s thoughts:

I love Grace Burrowes’ regency romances, but I’ll have to admit that Beckman didn’t quite seem to meet the mark that she’s set for her stories. The characters are classic Burrowes – he’s gorgeous and nice and fabulous; she’s lovely and sweet and all-around awesome – but the “situation” that plagues them seemed contrived, and the story was a bit choppy.

Every Burrowes Lonely Lords hero has his cross to bear, but I didn’t quite get why Beckman’s so down on himself. He’s had some bumps, sure, but who doesn’t? Go talk to Ethan, Becks, then come back and whine if you feel you ought to…

Our heroine, Sara, has an adorable daughter, and a loving sister. The three of them are hanging out – almost hiding – at Three Springs, fearing who-knows-what calamity. And when we learn what they’re hiding from, it’s like, “Really? That?”… It so didn’t fit the part of the story where someone (supposedly) shady is trying to get stuff – assumed stolen – appraised.

My grumblings aside, the romance part of the story is classic Burrowes – romantic and sweet. I’d recommend Beckman on that basis alone, but you’ll want to check out her other series first.

drey’s rating: Pick it up!

Title: Beckman (Lonely Lords #4)
Author: Grace Burrowes
ISBN-13: 9781402278600
e-ARC: 385 pages
Publisher: Sourcebooks, 2013
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Source: Sourcebooks

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