Review: 105. Thieves’ Quarry by D.B. Jackson…

I knew I had to pick up Thieves’ Quarry as soon as I finished Thieftaker, I wanted to get my Ethan fix! And to see what scrapes he gets into next, of course.

thieves'quarrydrey’s thoughts:

It’s 1768 and almost a hundred soldiers have just died aboard a British ship sitting in the bay. Nobody’s more surprised than Ethan Kaille when his own brother-in-law stops by to ask him to investigate, until Ethan gets aboard the HMS Graystone and realizes why.

They were all killed with magic.

And so Ethan starts hunting down a murderer, and he has five days to do it – before the Lieutenant Governor burns all of Boston’s conjurers for witchcraft. This in a Boston full of tension from the presence of thousands of British troops, a Boston whose other thieftaker now has her very own conjurer – the more to threaten Ethan with. The mystery of whodunnit – and how – keeps Ethan on this toes, when he’s not busy getting hauled before the authorities, hauled to jail, or beaten within an inch of his life.

Thieves’ Quarry is packed with action (especially the Ethan-beating kind), character growth, and a mystery that’ll confound you as much as it confounds Ethan. You’ll want to read Thieftaker first – not that it’s necessary, but because you’ll want more Ethan, and right now it’s just these two books. If a murder-mystery set in pre-Revolutionary Boston is up your alley, definitely check out D.B. Jackson’s Thieftaker series!

drey’s rating: Excellent!

Title: Thieves’ Quarry (Thieftaker #2)
Author: D.B. Jackson
ISBN-13: 9780765327628
Hardcover: 311 pages
Publisher: Tor, 2013
Purchase at IndieBound, Amazon, The Book Depository
Source: Tor

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