Review: 118. Love on a Midsummer Night by Christy English…

I love Shakespeare, and could not turn down a book pitched as “A sexy Regency re-telling of A Midsummer Night’s Dream”…

love on a midsummer nightdrey’s thoughts:

I really wanted to love this, I love the Bard and his storytelling and wit. The characters were delightful – Arabella is initially timid, then grows into her own skin. Raymond is cranky and snarky, until he learns that it’s ok to love – again, that is. As for the villain, he’s pretty cut-and-dried, complete with accompanying cackle (ok, so it was only in my head). I did wish he’d had to pay more for what he’d done to Arabella – apparently I’m not as forgiving as she is…

There were just a few things that didn’t resonate with me. The first is probably only something in the ARC version – and it’s a continuity thing. Arabella meets Raymond’s mistress-du-jour Tatiana on page 47, introductions et al. Then, on page 58, there’s another meet-the-mistress scene. I much preferred the first. Anyway, like I said, it’s probably something that had yet to be corrected – and if it did get fixed, I’ll scratch this out. So, someone tell me, k?

The déjà vu aside, I thought that Tatiana was just a little too accommodating. An Earl’s mistress (who actually had feelings for him, unless I completely misread things) actually willingly stepping aside as soon as she sets eyes on his childhood love? She must be cut from a completely different cloth than Ellen Love (Mr. Selfridge)! Even so, it was just a little on the other side of believability for me…

The story and plot were entertaining enough, but it didn’t grab at me and make me care what happens. Which makes me sad, because I really do love the Bard, and I did like how Christy English incorporates a traveling troupe’s performing A Midsummer Night’s Dream into the story.

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drey’s rating: Ok

Title: Love on a Midsummer Night (Shakespeare in Love #2)
Author: Christy English
ISBN-13: 9781402270482
ARC: 312 pages
Publisher: Sourcebooks, 2013
Purchase at IndieBound, Amazon, The Book Depository
Source: Sourcebooks

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