Review: 159. Impulse by Ellen Hopkins…

This is my first ever audiobook review, I hope I do it justice!

impulsedrey’s thoughts:

Impulse is a tough, dark, depressing story. Told from three teenagers’ points of view, it’s a story of how abuse, neglect, and mental illness contributes to a quality of life that’s so horrible that these three attempt suicide.

Attempt. They don’t succeed. And when we meet them, they’re at a rehab facility as a repercussion of failing to die.

Told you it was depressing.

And heartbreaking. Vanessa’s story made me cry for others in her situation, a child having to deal with an adult’s problems. Tony’s story is harsh and made me mad at women who want to be loved more than they want to protect their kids. And Connor’s – his story was a “yeah, whatever” privileged kid’s story until you get to the very beginning of it. All three brought out my violent side – I wanted to beat down the adults who were supposed to be protecting and cherishing these children, but instead set them on such a tragic path.

But Impulse is not about me – nor my violent-vengeance-fantasy tendencies. It’s about three children who should never have been exposed to the experiences they’re barely surviving – and may still not survive. Therapy only works if you admit you have a problem, and you want to make things better. Easier to do when you’re loved and feel safe and secure, for sure, but so much more necessary for those who’ve had this much on their plate.

I don’t want to say I loved Impulse, but I loved Impulse. The story is hard to listen to, but the telling is amazingly rich with details and inflections. I’m a new fan – of Hopkins’ and audiobooks, and just picked up Perfect.

drey’s rating: Excellent!

Title: Impulse
Author: Ellen Hopkins
ISBN-13: 9781598877564
Publisher: HighBridge Company, 2009
Purchase at IndieBound, Amazon, The Book Depository
Source: Waukesha Public Library

Have you read Impulse? Or listened to it? What did you think?


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