Review: 33. How to Handle a Cowboy by Joanne Kennedy…

I’m a city girl at heart, but one who cannot turn down a cowboy…

how to handle a cowboydrey’s thoughts:

Joanne Kennedy’s first in a new series is a fun and lovely read about a girl trying to do good and a boy hiding from his future. She’s fostering a handful of kids in the middle of a small town, he’s a rodeo champion who can’t hang on anymore.

Sierra Dunn tries to keep her boys safe, sure that the small Wyoming town of Wynott (pun intended) is enough out-of-the-way to prevent them from being found, or from getting into trouble. Then she meets Ridge Decker, and Sierra’s not sure she’s able to stay out of trouble…

There’s one hot, broody cowboy (why are they always broody?). One spunky, sparkly social worker. Five boys who use their appearances to make fans out of you. Two dogs whose names’ll make you laugh. And one big mass of trouble headed their way. All wrapped up in a lovely story that’ll keep your attention and have you rooting for a happily-ever-after not only for the couple, but for the boys as well.

How to Handle a Cowboy is a sweet romance that’ll have Kennedy fans – and cowboy fans! – waiting antsily for the next installment. (If this is #1, there’s gotta be more, right??) Pick it up for a few hours’ entertainment!

drey’s rating: Pick it up!

Title: How to Handle a Cowboy (Cowboys of Decker Ranch #1)
Author: Joanne Kennedy
ISBN-13: 9781402283666
ARC: 420 pages
Publisher: Sourcebooks, 2014
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Source: Sourcebooks

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