Review: The Rented Husband by Tara Sampson

This review’s more of a public service announcement… I blame it on my annoyance at wasting my time reading this instead of something better-written.

Review: The Rented Husband by Tara SampsonThe Rented Husband by Tara Sampson
Published by Author on June 21st, 2012
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 270
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased

Olivia Murray, a 29 year old successful attorney has had enough with her families intrusion on her personal love life. Mother, father and siblings included have all gone above and beyond the call of duty to try and get her hitched to a man. Just how far is Olivia willing to go to stop the incessant meddling? Will the strong independent woman that Olivia has come to be accept help when she needs it the most, when her own life is threatened and more importantly what will she do when something so much more fragile is put at risk, something like her heart?


drey’s thoughts:

I don’t even know where to start with this review. I’ve been under the weather and wanted something light and fun, and I’d picked up The Rented Husband when it was a free Kindle read so I figured it’d be just the thing. Right?

WRONG! Oh so WRONG. It serves me right for (a) picking up one of those free Kindle reads (how on earth did this get anything other than 1 star?), and (b) thinking Amazon’s ratings meant anything. Because holy cow this book was horrible.

Even if you can get past the almost implausible premise (A woman has to get someone to pretend to be her husband so her family stops setting her up with losers. Like, hello girl, how about you find a boyfriend instead? Much easier to play that off…) and a heroine who likes to kick, stomp, and generally abuse the poor fool who agrees to her charade, I don’t know how you’d get past the horrible writing.

The basics must’ve gone AWOL, because there’s no excuse for bad grammar and punctuation in a “published” book. They’re, their, and there are NOT interchangeable, thank you very much. And even if I could excuse those mistakes, the author also needs editing for correct word usage (in addition to plot & storyline, etc.). Heroin as in the drug, is not the same as heroine, the crazy abusive woman mentioned above. Never mind just spelling errors, there are also entirely incorrect words. Conscious used in place of conscience, defiantly instead of definitely, taught vs. taut, to name a few. *Shudder* (Y’know, there are online dictionaries that can be used to quickly look up the words you’re thinking of, and they’re free!)

Don’t even get me started on punctuation. Commas took over, showing up in all the wrong places, gone from where they should’ve been. Missing (and extra!) periods, missing hyphens, missing quotation marks for some of the dialog, it was like watching an accident happen in slow-motion, wanting to avert your eyes but you Just. Can’t. Stop. And so you kick yourself for being dumb enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. (Hopefully hard enough so you don’t repeat the mistake!)

I did try to find something nice to say about The Rented Husband, but about the only thing I can come up with is, … Nope. I got nothing. Save yourself the time and the irritation, if not the money.

And a note to authors everywhere – please, please, PLEASE use a good editor before putting your book out there for consumption. Emphasis on “good,” because if this was actually edited I’d ask for my money back.

drey’s rating: Do not bother. The 1-star rating is only because you have to pick one when posting to other sites, otherwise I’d go with zero.

Have you read The Rented Husband? What did you think?


    1. Ugh! Nothing annoys me as much as bad grammar & punctuation. I’d prefer a badly written story as long as there are no errors lol! *sigh* Am I asking for too much here?

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