Review: The Traveling Tea Shop by Belinda Jones

Review: The Traveling Tea Shop by Belinda JonesThe Traveling Tea Shop by Belinda Jones
Published by Penguin Books on March 3rd 2015
ISBN: 9780425279601
Genres: Contemporary Fiction
Pages: 368
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher

Love isn't always a piece of cake...

Laurie Davis has always followed her passion. After escaping family drama to start a new life in New York City, she’s up for whatever challenges life brings. So when an opportunity arises for her to use her travel industry expertise and serve as an assistant and tour guide for her idol, Pamela Lambert-Leigh, star of television’s Tea-Time with Pamela, she jumps at the chance.

But Laurie’s exciting adventure ends up entailing a lot more than scouting locations for the cake queen’s new cookbook when Pamela’s sassy mother and sulky, rebellious daughter tag along for the trip. As they cruise around bakeries in New England trading local delights like Red Velvet Cake and Whoopie Pies for British specialties such as Victoria Sponge and Bakewell Tarts, more secrets than recipes are revealed.

Now, in between rediscovering romance, learning to forgive family, and finding the best dessert on the East Coast, Laurie, Pamela, and the gang might find there’s nothing a nice cup of tea, a sweet treat, and a little bit of friendship can’t heal…

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Disclosure: I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


drey’s thoughts:

Oh, how much do I love The Traveling Tea Shop? Let’s count it out:

#1. Road trip! Who doesn’t love a road trip? Especially one on a double-decker bus, through towns, cities, and states, based around a theme, replete with historical factoids and trivia? I want to do the Traveling Tea Shop tour on the double-decker bus! Where do I sign up?

#2. Tea time! I did say theme, right? And boy does The Traveling Tea Shop have a treat of a theme – tea time. Not the drinking kind of tea, but the eat-yummy-treats kind of afternoon break that the Brits brought to my birth country, thus guaranteeing I’d have a sweet tooth and will forever think that dessert should be the first main course of every meal.

#3. Sweets! Oh, my downfall. The references to so many different types of yummy deliciousness had me practically salivating throughout the entire book! I’d say Belinda Jones is a master torturer because The Traveling Tea Shop is so descriptively decadent it needs to be a 3D experience – and isn’t. (Can you just imagine? A book that comes with a slew of little yummies to nibble on while reading? *drool*)

#4. People! What do you get when you mix one travel agent, one famous baker dealing with a difficult divorce, one grumpy teenage daughter, one absolutely fabulously entertaining grandmother, one charming blast-from-a-past, and one très-handsome mechanic-slash-font-of-random-facts? Even with the HUGE secret hanging over most of them, you’ll find a very warm and charming cast of characters (except when the teenager is being a brat) you’ll want to actually go on this road trip with.

Laurie is so upbeat and positive, you’ll never know she’s had so much pain in her life. Even when fretting about her singleton state or worrying about her clients, she’s always up, everything’s always doable. I want Laurie to come hang out. We can get some pretty tea sets and eat sweets off little china plates…

Add ’em all up, and you get one treat of a story that will leave you planning a trip of your own to see all the sights, stay in all the lovely accommodations, and visit each and every eatery. Now, if only I could get me a tour guide for the facts and tidbits… Anyone want to volunteer? 🙂

drey’s rating: Outstanding! Because I already can’t wait to re-read this!

Have you read The Traveling Tea Shop? What did you think?

About Belinda Jones

Belinda Jones was born in Turnbridge Wells, Kent England. At the age of 19 she moved to London, where she resided for the next ten years before moving to California. She now lives in Los Angeles.


  1. I haven’t heard of this until now, but heading right to the library website! Cute cover too, and my granny was big on doing tea with us!

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