Holiday Blitz: Favorite Scary Movie

St. Martin’s Press celebrates the holiday season with a Holiday Blitz featuring their holiday romance authors. In the spirit of the (Halloween) season, I asked for a post on Favorite Scary Movies!

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SMP Romance Authors Share: Favorite Scary Movie

Ruth Logan Herne
None! I’m a writer, I get scared too easy! Too many what-ifs going on in my head!

Donna Alward
Scary movies? No way! (Not since I was fourteen!)

Laura Trentham
I really, really hate horror movies! I was forever scarred by watching The Exorcist at the tender age of ten. Where were my parents?! Lol.

Nancy Naigle
Scary movies creep into my dreams so I try not to watch them. I’m such a chicken that even the movie trailers they put on prime time television freak me out sometimes! I can’t say that I’d call it a “favorite”, but the scary movie that still gives me chills every time I think about it is. . .The Shining. Eek!

Margaret Brownley
I’m a scaredy cat, so Casper the Friendly Ghost is about as close as I’ll ever get to a scary movie.

Tara Wyatt
Poltergeist. An oldie but a goodie! I love a good ghost story.

Opal Carew
I don’t typically watch scary movies, unless you count things like The Day After Tomorrow, Armageddon, and 2012. (Adam Lambert sang the theme song for 2012 and I’m a huge fan of his, so that was a delightful bonus!) I did watch Shaun of the Dead which I thought was fun and I enjoyed Cabin in the Woods, too.

Emily March

Melissa Cutler
I can’t watch scary movies. I love happy endings!

Mandy Baxter
Definitely Evil Dead and Evil Dead II. Not the remake, the classics with Bruce Campbell. They’re a Halloween staple and a cult classic in my house.

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