An interview with Amanda Heger, author of SEMI-SCRIPTED

Amanda Heger has a new novel out today, and we’re celebrating with an interview and a giveaway!

An Interview with Amanda Heger

Hello Amanda! Happy fall, and welcome to drey’s library!

drey: Please introduce yourself in 10 words or less.

Amanda: Book-loving, dog-owning, Sour Patch-eating author from the Midwest. (When I hyphenate two words, it only counts as one. Trust me, I’m also a lawyer.)

drey: I’m not going to argue with that…

Why do you tell stories?

Amanda: I’ve been a bookworm for as long as I can remember. I’ve always loved that feeling of falling into a book and being pulled into a new world. Being able to create that same feeling for someone else is an amazing privilege.

drey: Which is more difficult: Writing the story, or editing it afterwards?

Amanda: Writing the story is THE WORST. That first, heinous draft always makes me question my sanity. And sometimes the second (or third) draft too. But I love editing. I love finding the details that bring characters to life. I love diving into the themes and sharpening the plot twists. And most of all, I love looking back at how far the story as come since that (really ugly) first draft.

drey: How do you balance writing with everything else going on in your life?

Amanda: Poorly.

I’ve released three books in 2016 (Without Borders: A Wanderlove Novel, Semi-Scripted: A Wanderlove Novel, and Dirty Work: An Anthology.) Plus, I work full time as an attorney, am on the board of directors for my RWA chapter, and do weird stuff every weekend with my local improv theater. I also teach writing classes at a local community college. Essentially, I am the worst person to ask about balance, but if anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears.

drey: Holy wow! I thought all the stuff I manage to fit into my days (not very well, FYI) was crazy…

How do you escape from it all?

Amanda: I love traveling, and there’s no better escape for me than hopping on a plane and exploring a new place. The further off the beaten path, the better.

drey: Tell us about SEMI-SCRIPTED.

Amanda: Semi-Scripted is one part romance, one part “chick-lit” (seriously, can’t we get a better name for these books?), and one part love letter to Craig Ferguson. It’s a story about public health grants, late night TV, and falling in love. But mostly, it’s a story about learning to trust yourself.

drey: What genres do you enjoy reading?

Amanda: I’ll read anything as long as it’s a good story. Romance, thrillers, women’s fiction, science fiction, literary fiction. Whatever. I just want to be submerged in a story world with characters I love (or love to hate) and a premise I can’t stop thinking about.

drey: Name one title read this year, that you’d recommend to everyone?

Amanda: Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It hits all my sweet spots: social justice, geeky legal stuff, and humor. Highly recommend.

And a (fun?!) flash-round to finish this up (answer in 1 or 2 words):
What’s your favorite season? Spring.
Coffee or tea? Coffee.
Print or e-book? No preference.
Who’s the sexiest man alive? Keegan-Michael Key. Funny + smart = sexy.
What is your most-used swear word? I don’t fucking swear, okay?

Thank you so much for visiting!

An interview with Amanda Heger, author of SEMI-SCRIPTEDSemi-Scripted by Amanda Heger
Series: Wanderlove #2
Published by Diversion Publishing on November 8th 2016
ISBN: 9781682303030
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 224
Format: Paperback

Marisol Gutierrez has come to Los Angeles with a single goal: win the prestigious grant that will save her family's struggling medical clinic back in Nicaragua. But, when a cute guy invites her to sit in the audience of a hip-but-failing comedy program, Marisol figures she'll get a little entertainment out of her otherwise stress-filled trip.

Evan Abramson thought an internship at "The So Late It's Early Show" would be the start of a long television-writing career, but their ratings are sinking. With every show, his plans seem one step closer to collapse. When a backstage crisis throws him into an onstage encounter with a gorgeous and charming audience member, Evan and Marisol become overnight sensations. And soon their made-for-television romance is the only thing keeping "So Late" from cancellation.

As things heat up onscreen and off, Marisol and Evan are caught between their careers and their growing feelings for one another. Being together in front of the cameras puts Marisol's grant at risk, but keeping their romance offscreen means Evan's show is sure to fail. Together they have to decide whether to stick with the script and save their careers or improvise their way toward a happily ever after.

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About Amanda Heger

amanda heger

Amanda Heger is a writer, attorney, and bookworm. She lives in the Midwest with her unruly rescue dogs and a husband who encourages her delusions of grandeur. Her debut romance, Without Borders, is available now from Diversion Books. The story was inspired by the summer Amanda spent in rural Nicaragua, eating gallo pinto, speaking mangled Spanish, and showing high school students how to slide condoms onto over-sized plantains.