Paperless Post: A Review

Have you ever forgotten someone’s birthday, and had to do a last-minute run to the store, hoping they’re still open – just to pick out a card from their often-limited stock? I have, and it’s no fun…

And so I stopped buying and sending cards, because the stress was just that last straw on top of all the other things going on in my crazy life. 🙁

BUT. I may have another option.

Paperless Post.

I don’t think it’s a new concept, but I can’t say so for sure as it’s not like I’ve been looking. What it is, is a service that offers cards – online and paper, with free and paid (premium) options.

Disclosure: I’ll take a second here to note that I’m working with Anagram Interactive to check out Paperless Post offerings and offer my honest opinion.

It’s relatively easy to sign up for an account, which you’ll need to pick and send a Paperless Post card. I did it on my iPad app, then got started.

The app loads quickly, and offers a bevy of designs for invitations and occasions.

paperless post app landing

I selected the “Birthday” occasion, and Paperless Post returned selections for my perusal, laid out in a grid (which can be changed by electing to view the Full card), with designer and cost listed below.

Paperless Post birthday card designs

I quickly picked out this lovely card, and clicked on “Design for Online.”

Paperless Post birthday card

It lets you edit the card – add text, change fonts, and manipulate color, size, etc. I played around a bit.

Paperless Post birthday card customizing

And finally settled on my (simple) message:

Paperless Post birthday card completed

All that’s left now is to send it to my recipient. Voila! All done.

Paperless Post card completed

Paperless Post was super easy to use, and it was fun customizing the card to say exactly what I wanted to. Having the app for on-the-go card customizing lets me quickly send cards out while I’m doing the waiting-mom bit, which increases the likelihood that my friends will actually be receiving cards from me! Happiness all around! *grin*

For those of you who prefer paper, Paperless Post also offers printed cards. You can customize a design, add your own pictures, etc. There’s an additional fee for envelopes and mailing.

Find Paperless Post birthday cards here. I’ll be checking out their holiday card offerings next. A girl can never be too early, right? Right? o.O