Featured Authors

Authors are special people. After all, without authors, I wouldn’t have anything to read. And heaven forbid that ever happen!

In 2010 I started a monthly spotlight on authors, where we do fun things on Wednesdays during that month. We start off with a Q&A (so you can meet them), I showcase the author’s books (or book, if it’s a debut), and the author shares some guest posts. One post is always on their favorite books, because all authors are also readers, are they not? The other post topic is up to the author – sometimes they write about their characters, or research, or something book-related. Other times they write about what they do that’s non-book-related. Because yes, even authors have non-bookish interests…

So come and meet these special people, and see what they have to say! If you have an author you’d like me to spotlight, have them get in touch to schedule their appearance!