2010 Featured Authors

January: Susan Helene Gottfried
The interview | The books | Susan’s fav reads | A Bit About Trevor

February: Jennifer Estep
The interview | The books | Jennifer’s fav reads | Television

March: Danielle Trussoni
The interview | The books | Danielle’s fav reads | Angelology

April: Kim Wright
The interview | The books | Kim’s fav reads | Inevitable envy

May: James Rollins
The interview | The books | James’ fav reads | How (not) to research

June: Chloe Neill
The interview | The books | Chloe’s fav reads | What’s on TV?

July: Marie Force
The interviewThe booksMarie’s fav readsHow Does She Do That?

August: Stephen Parrish
The interview | The books | Stephen’s fav reads | Respect for books

September: C.E. Murphy
The interview | The books | Catie’s fav reads | Future of a Franchise?

October: Stephanie Draven
Stephanie’s fav reads | The interview | The books | Meet Kyra

November: Jeannie Lin
The interview | The books | Jeannie’s top 5 | A Tribute to the Ideal Reader

December: Theresa Danley
The interview | The book | Theresa’s fav reads | Gifts