2011 Featured Authors

January: Anne Patrick
The interview | The books | Anne’s fav reads | Fire & Ash!

February: Rowena Cory Daniells
The interviewThe booksRowena’s fav readsVivid Dreaming…

March: Sarah Pekkanen
The books | The interview | Sarah’s fav reads | Art vs. Craft

April: Tony Bertauski
The interview | The books | Books Tony reads | Baseball: From Third to First…

May: Sarah Jio
Say “hello” | The Violets of March | Four of Sarah’s top reads | Titles…

June: Dianne Greenlay
Welcome | Quintspinner: A Pirate’s Quest | What Dianne’s Reading | For the Love of Writing…

July: Kelly Meding
Meet Kelly | Kelly’s books | Kelly’s top 5 | A lil’ something about Trance…

August: Ann Wertz Garvin
Hello, Ann | On Maggie’s Watch | Who’s Coming to a Party? | Balance 101

September: Cathy Holton
Meet Cathy | Cathy’s books | What Cathy reads | Family Ghosts

October: Kevin Hearne
Say “hello!” to Kevin | Kevin’s Iron Druid Chronicles | Kevin’s favorite reads | Kevin and the old-school creepies…

November: C.A. Kunz
Meet Carol & Adam | The Childe | What they read | How they got here…

December: Leanna Renee Hieber
Meet Leanna | The Strangely Beautiful series and Darker Still | What Leanna Reads | The Care and Feeding of Series Characters