2013 Featured Authors

January: Wendy Russ
Meet Wendy! | The League for the Suppression of Celery | Favorite readsThe Prospect of Failure

February: Douglas Jaffe
A Q&A with Douglas Jaffe | All about Chasing Dragons | Doug’s Top 5 Reads | The Chinese Language – Making Sense of the Characters

March: Debra Driza
Meet Debra | MILA 2.0 | Debra’s Favorite Titles | The Key to Getting Published

April: Sandra Parshall
Meet Sandra | Sandra’s Rebecca Goddard series | Sandra’s Top Three Crime Novels | The Faces We Imagine

May: Shannon Huffman Polson
Meet Shannon | Shannon’s books | Shannon’s recommended reads | Truth in Memoir

June: Jennifer Zobair
Meet Jennifer | Painted Hands | Jennifer’s recommended reads | Portrait of a Muslim Feminist

July: D.B. Jackson
Meet David! | David’s Thieftaker series – and more | David’s recommendations | Pre-Revolutionary Boston

August: Michelle Sagara
Meet Michelle! | She’s written a LOT of books! | Michelle’s recommendations… | Me and Robin McKinley!

September: R.S. Belcher
Hello, Rod! | The Six-Gun Tarot | Rod Recommends | Why Write

October: No Featured Author this month… See my About page for posts I filled in with. 🙂

November: Mindy Mymudes
Meet Mindy! | George Knows! | What Mindy Reads… | George’s Snack Time!

December: Faith Hunter
Say “Hello!” to Faith Hunter | Faith’s books! | What Faith Reads… | Recharge…

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