2014 Featured Authors

January: John Marrs
Meet John | The Wronged Sons | John’s Favorite Reads | Self-Promotion

February: Debra Webb
Say “Hello!” to Debra! | Debra’s Faces of Evil series! | Debra’s Favorites! | The Thrill of Writing a Romantic Suspense Series

March: skipped

April: Kelly Moran
Meet Kelly! | Kelly’s bibliography | Kelly’s favorites | The Top 10 Things Writers Wish You Knew

May: Linda Morris
Meet Linda! | Linda’s bibliography | Linda’s favorite reads | Vacation Fling Romances!

June: AJ Nuest
Meet AJ Nuest! | AJ’s books | AJ’s favorites | AJ’s Beach Read “Musts”!

July: D.B. Jackson
Ethan Kaille Shares His 1769 Boston | Miss Sephira Pryce Holds Forth on Modern Technologies | David’s books | David’s favorites | David’s Top TBR 5!

My scheduling fell apart the second half of the year. I’m hoping to do a better job in 2015.

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