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Update Nov. 2016: I am taking a break from writing reviews, except in rare instances. I’ll be starting graduate school in a little over a month, and I know my time will be dedicated to coursework.

I love reading, and would love to review your book(s)! My favorite genre is fantasy (in all it’s glorious sub-genres), but I also read mysteries, chick-lit, multicultural fiction, and historical fiction. While I have reviewed memoirs & autobiographies in the past, I no longer do so. I no longer review self-published work (unless I’ve read your work previously), and very rarely review novellas, anthologies, or short stories.

I will try to let you know when my review is posted. All reviews are posted to my Facebook page, replicated on Goodreads, and tweeted. I’d do more if I could, but there are only so many hours in a day…

Please note, my reviews are my opinion. Some will be long, others brief. Some will be complimentary. Some will not. I am not an expert in literature, I just know what I like. My reviews will be my honest viewpoint of the book, at the time it is read. And I try my darnedest to stay away from spoilers.

In addition to reviews, I’m also open to participating in blog tours, conducting interviews, and hosting giveaways. Just ask!


I currently rate my reviews on a 5-point scale. Here’s what they mean:

5 = Outstanding. I can’t believe everyone hasn’t read this/doesn’t love it. These will be very few and far between.

4 = Excellent. Interesting characters, plots, storylines, etc. Something that is good enough that most people will read in one sitting. Or try to. And when I say “most people” I don’t include myself, because I usually read everything in one sitting…

3 = Pick it up. Good characters, plots, storylines, etc. but doesn’t have the oomph of an excellent read. I will state here that most books I read will be rated a 3 or 4.

2 = OK. I finished the book, just to find out what happens in the end. You decide if you’d like the opportunity to read it – and rate it – for yourself.

1 = Meh. A book that I didn’t finish, couldn’t make myself finish, didn’t care if I finished. These will be few and far between. (Note: Grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes will land your book here, because they’re too distracting for a “good” reading.)


Most contests are sponsored by the author or publisher, and are usually for US and Canada residents only (no PO Boxes!).

I am currently using Rafflecopter for entries, which also randomly picks winners from the entries. For non-Rafflecopter contests, I use Randomizer to select winners. All winners will have two days to get their mailing info to me. If I don’t have an email address, I can’t remind you. If I don’t hear back, I will pick replacement winners. We all love free books! =) Don’t forget to have fun, and THANK YOU for stopping by drey’s library!

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