D.B. Jackson is also David B. Coe, the award-winning author of more than a dozen fantasy novels. Specializing in historical fantasy, D.B. is the author of the Thieftaker Chronicles, published by Tor Books.

D.B. lives on the Cumberland Plateau with his wife and two teenaged daughters. They’re all smarter and prettier than he is, but they keep him around because he makes a mean vegetarian fajita. When he’s not writing he likes to hike, play guitar, and stalk the perfect image with his camera.

July’s FEATURED AUTHOR: Ethan and Sephira, the Heart of D.B. Jackson’s Thieftaker Books…

July’s Featured Author D.B. Jackson is here today to talk about Ethan Kaille and Sephira Pryce, the hero and nemesis of his popular Thieftaker series. Read and enjoy! [divider] “Ethan and Sephira: The Heart of the Thieftaker Books” by D.B. Jackson During my first week here at Drey’s Library, I introduced (or perhaps reintroduced) you[…]

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July’s FEATURED AUTHOR: D.B. Jackson’s “Miss Sephira Pryce Holds Forth on Modern Technologies”…

D.B. Jackson (also known as David Coe) is July’s Featured Author, and because he’s a repeat Feature, we’re doing a little something different this time ’round. Last week we had Ethan Kaille sharing his 1769 Boston. Today, we have Ethan’s nemesis, Sephira Pryce, sharing her impressions opinions of our technologies. Read on! [divider] “Miss Sephira[…]

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