Review: Day Shift by Charlaine Harris

drey’s thoughts: The Plot: Manfred Bernardo’s in the middle of a personal reading when his client drops dead. She leaves behind an unhinged son who’s accused Manfred of 1) killing her, and 2) stealing her jewelry. Before he knows it, Manfred’s buried in journalists, and worried it’s all going to kill his reputation. All of[…]

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la rotten

TLC Book Tour: L.A. Rotten by Jeff Klima

drey’s thoughts: The Plot: Ex-convict tries to keep his head down as he does his job cleaning crime scenes, but his brain starts chugging when he notices a commonality in one of the locations he’s cleaning. Putting clues together leads him to suspect that there’s one killer here, but he doesn’t go to the police.[…]

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Review: Midnight Crossroad by Charlaine Harris

Charlaine Harris has a new series! Midnight Crossroad has been out for a year and is newly released in paperback, and its sequel Day Shift is coming out in a week! [divider] drey’s thoughts: Charlaine Harris’ new Midnight, Texas trilogy features someone we’ve met before – Manfred Bernardo, who along with his TV-psychic-personality grandmother Xylda[…]

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